Handmade sandals, every creation is unique and precious.

The brand is born in 2008 thanks to the love and passion of the Neapolitan designer Rory De Angelis for Capri island.

Ex model, she has always been into fashion, and she decided to give space to her talent and revisit the famous capri sandal, loved everywhere around the world, appreciated by divas such as Soraya, Maria Callas and the unforgettable Jacqueline Kennedy.

Classic and elegant lines, precious materials like Swarovski crystals, corals, turquoise, water pearls, semiprecious stone; a mix of perfection, research and luxury. Handmade sandals worked with accuracy by capresi artisans, every creation is unique and precious.

Since 2011 Le Capresi added to its collections moccasins and loafers, combining refined shapes, glamour and trendy models, with precious and delicate decorations. Le Capresi stands for style, exclusivity and excellence. The products are known and loved internationally.